Welcome to KDEmail.net!

KDEmail.net is a free service for active KDE contributors, providing them with a stable e-mail address to use as the point of contact for their work and us with a means of publicly expressing our gratitude for their help in making our projects even better.

It is intended to serve as a stepping stone for people who have begun to participate positively and consistently at KDE while they build the body of work needed to successfully apply for a Developer Account and the more exclusive @kde.org e-mail address that is one of its privileges.

Forwarding only

Please note that this service offers e-mail forwarding only. All requests must indicate clearly the e-mail address they wish their KDEmail.net messages to be forwarded to.


E-mail addresses using the kdemail.net domain name must conform to the structure "firstname.lastname@kdemail.net".


To request your own @kdemail.net account, please click the button below to open a ticket and be sure that the following pieces of information are sufficiently included to the Description field (ticket form will open in a new tab):

* The Sysadmin team is small and very busy, so please be patient while your request is reviewed.