Welcome to KDEMail.net

KDEMail.net is for KDE contributors and developers of KDE software, not necessarily in the main distribution, who are interested in a stable contact address to put as contact point in their work.


KDEMail.net is a free service for the KDE Project contributors.

Forwarding only

Please note that the service is mail forwarding only. Indicate clearly to what address the E-mail addresses should forward to.


E-mail addresses are created in the form "firstname.lastname@kdemail.net".

To have a email alias be created for you, please file a ticket and select Email address request as department.

Sending from @kdemail.net addreses

To use @kdemail.net as a sender addresses, you will have to send via mail.kde.org. In order to reduce the risk of compromised accounts being used to send SPAM, this is not enabled by default. Please file a ticket, requesting permission to send via mail.kde.org.